Evil spkgs?

In Matlab, a plugin is called a “toolkit”. In Photoshop, a plugin is called a plugin:-) As the success of Photoshop and Matlab suggest, plugins are very important. They enable “third party” developers to write specialized applications for your software package.

In Sage, (www.sagemath.org) a plugin is called an “spkg” (short for Sage PacKaGe).

Here is an easy-to-follow recipe for making an evil spkg.

  1. Make sure that your spkg modifies and existing Python or Cython file in the Sage devel tree. Extra evil bonus points for modifying heavily used files, such as in the plot subdirectory, and the more files touched the more evil points you earn. AFAIK, this will insure that, once your “innocent” spkg is applied to a developers tree, he cannot write a trac patch which can be correctly applied to a fresh clone.
  2. Make sure you ruin another spkg (surreptitiously, for extra bonus points). The more important the spkg you hose, the more evil points you get.

I wonder how Matlab and Photoshop avoid evil plugins?

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