Another example of a Prohibition era cipher message

The following message, with Elizebeth Friedman‘s decryption, is a message from “Consolidated Exporters” (a Vancouver Canada company illegally importing liquor into the US) to one of its fleet of about 50 “black ships”, the SS Noble. (They are called “black ships” because they “rum run” without lights at night to avoid detection.)


Many thanks to the George C. Marshall Foundation, Lexington, Virginia, for providing this reproduction!

If you were a math textbook …

If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be David Eisenbud’s Commutative Algebra with a view towards Algebraic Geometry.

I am an attempt to write on commutative algebra in a way that includes the geometric ideas that played a great role in its formation; with a view, in short, towards Algebraic Geometry. I cover the material that graduate students studying Algebraic Geometry – and in particular those studying the book Algebraic Geometry by Robin Hartshorne – should know. The reader should have had one year of basic graduate algebra.

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