SymPy and the GSoC

Google has announced the results for Google Summer of Code. The following projects have been accepted for SymPy:

(Project, Student, Mentor, Link to proposal on the wiki)
– Category Theory Module, Sergiu Ivanov, Tom Bachmann
– Density Operators for Quantum Module in sympy.physics.quantum, Guru
Devanla, Brian Granger (co-mentor Sean Vig)
– Enhancements to sympy.physics.mechanics, Angadh Nanjangud, Gilbert Gede
– Group Theory, Aleksandar Makelov, David Joyner (Aaron Meurer co-mentor)
– Implicit Plotting Module, Bharath M R, Aaron Meurer
– Vector Analysis, Stefan Krastanov, Matthew Rocklin

I will help mentor Aleksandar Makelov’s work on group theory. He is a freshman at Harvard.

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